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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Newcastle Theatre Royal

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Theatre Royal – Review

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Newcastle pantomime 2021 season has just begun which means Christmas is not too far away. This year has been 2 years in the making! I mean the seats we’re sitting in tonight we bought 2 years ago. The previous year’s impact on live entertainment has affected everyone, but more so the entertainers, actors, dancers, singers & crew on and off stage tonight. Without question, the anticipation for tonight has been built up. Our family always looks forward to the Theatre Royal Newcastle pantomime as it has a big budget feel to the production.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – The Fairest Panto in the Land

Before I dive into this one I’ll start by saying that this is not an “AD”. We were not given press tickets and we have paid for this all ourselves. I booked up to get this year’s tickets, just before the last Panto. Something that loads of people seem to do (you can also book Christmas 2022 now too!). The night we go on is opening night. This is usually a few days before press night, which gives the production a chance to iron out any tweaks that need to be done, before any official reviews. Which also means the pantomime later into December may have changed slightly.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Newcastle Theatre Royal

Everyone knows the Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is a classic Pantomime and fairy tale. And with that comes. many expectations. At the same time, the Theatre Royal panto also comes with expectations. As one of the more expensive ticket prices for a Christmas show, we have come to expect high production value. This year we also have the X factor 2016 winner Joe McElderry. It’s been a while since there was a star sharing the stage with Danny & Clive.

The last time Danny Adams and Clive Webb performed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Theatre Royal Newcastle was in 2014.

Theatre Royal Newcastle Panto with Local flair

A local panto has always got some local banter. This year’s show see’s “Prince William of Wallsend” (Wayne Smith), being partnered with princess Snow White of “Toonside” (Kirsty Ingram). Steve Arnott plays Mrs Nelly Nightmare, which would have usually been the part of Chris Hayward, Steve lays on a strong Geordie accent. Dishing out the corny one-liners like treats.

This brings us on to Chris Hayward, another local favourite, this year he is Queen Dragonella, the evil queen. With these two roles switched, Chris isn’t the “Hiya Hinny!” “Hello me Bonny bairns!” usual self, instead a darker character altogether. Chris has been a staple part of the Panto, for the last 14 years. Wearing amazing costumes and wigs, which are absolutely fabulous and this year covered win flamboyant feathers. Amazing!

Joe McElderry brings his local charm to the show, while also being the “big name” outside of the 3 main local lads who sell the show out.

Danny Adams, Clive Webb and Mick Potts

Danny and Clive are in their 16th year at the Theatre Royal this year. And like coiled springs they are eager to entertain as they missed out on the Newcastle Pantomime 2020. This year’s Snow White pantomime 2021 sees the father and son(s) team joined with Joe McElderry, as the man in the mirror, who is more than ready to sing for the audience. He is also prepared to get involved with the cheeky banter Danny loves to add-in.

Mick Potts plays “The Idiot”, and he plays it well. Mick doesn’t need to say a word to get the laughs. In fact, I’m nearly 99% sure he doesn’t even say a word in this year’s production.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Newcastle Theatre Royal

Snow White the production under Crossroads

Previously pantomimes at the Theatre Royal were produced by QDOS Entertainment. At some point between Beauty and the Beast, the Production company has changed names to Crossroads Pantomimes. What exactly does that mean for the pantomime at the Theatre Royal? I’ll be honest, I was concerned there would be visible changes. Rest assured though on the surface it looks like nothing has changed from the audience’s perspective.

The opening of the show is led by the Spirit of Pantomime (Carole Stennett), raised over the stage on a Floating moon. Who in turn introduces the 7 title baring Dwarfs who arrive onboard a train at the Diamond Mine. We’re next taken to the Royal Kingdom of Toonside where we meet Mrs Nelly Nightmare (Steve Arnott). For regulars of the Theatre Royal Panto, this is where you would expect to see Chris Hayward (normally Dame Rita) greeting the audience with “Hello me Bonny bairns!”, but it’s not. This is fine and I’m sure is done for a reason. As the show is full of surprises and twists that you don’t always see coming.

Stars of the show Danny and Clive arrive at Toonside and this is where it starts to get special. Danny’s humour and mischievousness can take the show in so many directions. Trying to knock the cast out of the script, is hilarious and seeing cast and audience laughing shows that everyone on and off stage is enjoying themselves. Expect plenty of slapstick craziness, but also enter the Magic world of Clive Webb, with one of the best stage illusions I’ve seen in a long time. We’re talking magic that is also very very funny.

The Twins FX are involved again with huge epic visual effects. They are known for their spellbinding floating illusions. Without spoiling the surprise Snow White features 2 Twins FX installations which are BIG!

The show was super entertaining and fast-paced with humour covering all ages. Several jokes took me by surprise which I love! several shocks and explosions. We went as a family of 4 with a 10-year-old and 14 year old. They always love the Theatre Royal’s Pantomime and this is why we come back year after year. It was a cracking way to start the Panto Season and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has set the bar high for other shows that open later this year.

Additional Information
Dates: 23rd November 2021 – 9th January 2022
Website: www.theatreroyal.co.uk
Box Office: 0191 232 7010
Price: from £14.50 per ticket
Special Info: I probably shouldn’t say this, but we’ve been booking row F in the stalls the last couple of times as it has double the legroom!

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